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Blue Light Technology

Blue Light Technology



BLUEOWLSHIELD Protects Your Families' Eyes


Upgraded Design with Patent

Enhancing Eye Comfort To You

Because our technical research team spent 3 years and developed a “Blue Light Filter” that does not affect the eyes’ sensitivity to objects.

The team spent another 1 year to integrate this “Blue Light Filter Technology” onto cell phone screen protectors.

About This Product

  • This product filters away the peak wavelength that inflicts a lot of damage on the eyes amongst all blue light wavelengths, allowing it to reduce blue light efficiently.
  • The color vividness enhances the color rendering, reducing glare and color difference.
  • Case Friendly : Protector is smaller than the actual size of the phone and is compatible with MOST cases.

iphone phone screen saver military grade blue light filter visual health proection - BlueOwlShield -9

 iphone screen protector tempered glass iphone dust proof iphone case bubble free - BlueOwlShield -8

 iphone tempered glass easy install phone privacy screen iphone anti spy screen - BlueOwlShield -7


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