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🔹How much bluelight does BlueOwlShield screen protector block?

BlueOwlShield tempered glass screen protectors block block 95% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 40% from 420 to 500nm.

🔹 Is this tempered glass or plastic? Can it be cut to size?
All of our mobile screen protectors are tempered glass, as such they cannot be cut to size.

🔹 Will it have clarity issues?
We developed BlueOwlShield products with user experience in mind, so image clarity is not affected while protecting you from harmful blue light. When compared to night mode, our filters provide a crystal clear image - without the retro orange tone.

🔹How sturdy are the screen filters?
Our tempered glass can withstand a 64g steel ball or be dropped from a 50cm height 3 times.